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In this section you will find press releases, news, and updates to the site.

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Media Releases

bulletStart Of Third Season
bulletStuck On Golf


Web Changes

bullet09/24/99 - New Homepage, News Page, Swing Doctor, Golf Links, Rules, Events.
bullet09/25/99 - Update Of New Site.
bullet10/17/99 - Final Changes To New Site.
bullet10/18/99 - Fixed problems with menu images.
bullet10/21/99 - Finished Northern Dunes Page.
bullet01/20/00 - Golfing Ontario Mail
bullet02/01/00 - Mail Interface Updated
bullet05/24/00 - Local Golfing Weather
bullet06/07/00 - New Full listings of all Ontario
bullet06/07/00 - By Region, and Alphabetical pages both changed.
bullet07/06/00 - Golf Rules edited.
bullet07/15/00 - Web Mail Updated
bullet08/01/00 - Golfing Ontario Forum Added!